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Micro Aerial Projects LLC’s mission is to identify sustainable and appropriate civilian geospatial applications of unmanned or remotely controlled aerial vehicles and to support and provide efficient, cost effective, safe, and responsible geo-spatial solutions. Micro Aerial Projects has trained, advised, and provided Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions for purposes of topographical and cadastral land surveys, high resolution mapping, resettlement action plans, and agricultural monitoring among many others. Micro Aerial Projects aims to establish a body of competence, promote policy reform, and increase awareness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) mapping potential.

Omidyar Network is supporting Micro Aerial Projects to pioneer drone mapping for cadastral surveys in three markets – the Philippines, Colombia, and Ghana. Micro Aerial Projects will create localized capacity and build evidence in each country for the effective utilization of drones for property mapping. Micro Aerial Projects hopes to use evidence from pilot projects to demonstrate how drones can be deployed for cadastral surveying on a global scale.

Supported by PlaceFund on behalf of Omidyar Network.



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