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Based in the Netherlands and Ghana, Meridia is an end-to-end solution for land and property documentation for individuals and communities in emerging markets, where accurate maps and effective land administration systems do not often exist.

Meridia’s platform combines widely available technology with a carefully trained workforce and clear understanding of local legal and administrative systems. Since launching in 2015, the company has worked with smallholder farmers, homeowners, commodity buyers, land investors, and governments to clarify land and property boundaries and leverage its economic potential. The company has developed an app that combines GPS-based survey data with basic administrative details and an oral history of how the land came to be acquired and owned.

Omidyar Network is funding Meridia to assist in developing the organization into a sustainable and replicable model and to demonstrate the value placed on property rights by the people who need them most. Learn more about why we invested in Meridia.

Supported by PlaceFund on behalf of Omidyar Network.



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