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Global Land Alliance

Founded in 2014, Global Land Alliance is a not-for profit organization that strives to achieve land tenure security around the globe. GLA works with communities, organizations, and governments to improve land tenure security through inclusive dialogue and practice, and promotes sustainable land and natural resource use with all stakeholders.

GLA seeks positive disruption of status quo situations which perpetuate tenure insecurity and poverty, the misuse of resources, and the suppression of local initiatives. GLA works with a wide array of groups to promote local consensus and action, manage knowledge, drive accountability, and develop long-term capacities in service of socially inclusive and ecologically-grounded development. 

Omidyar Network is supporting Global Land Alliance to roll out the Global Property Rights Index (Prindex), the first global measurement of peoples’ perceptions of their property rights. Prindex has collected data from 140 countries around the world and is a resource for researchers, governments, entrepreneurs, and the global land rights movement. In addition, Omidyar Network supports Global Land Alliance’s work to strengthen Terra Nova. Working in Brazil’s informal settlements, Terra Nova has a proven property rights mediation model and a trove of data valuable to property rights research.

Supported by PlaceFund on behalf of Omidyar Network.


Latin America


$650,000 (2019)

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Dr. Malcolm Childress,
Kevin Barthel

Co-Executive Directors